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The Russian Roulette  Putin-Modi- Xi Summits

Already there were dozens of other interactive mechanisms to address various concerns be it for trade, hydrocarbons, investments, rupee rouble issues, technology transfer, space or for that matter nuclear cooperation as well as the whole gamut of defence collaboration. India’s arsenal is constituted of almost 70% Soviet/ Russian origin equipment. Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat was part of the delegation and signed the twinning cooperation agreement between his State and Astrakhan. Over time the two strong leaders have developed respect for one another and enjoy a great bonhomie. This was again clearly evident during the Sochi Summit when one watched the two leaders discussing matters by themselves for hours on one to one basis. Breaking protocol, President Putin came to see off PM Modi at the Sochi airport. It is a given that over the years Sino-Russian relations have acquired much intensity and depth despite occasional disappointments and divergences of approaches. Delays in Kudankulam nuclear power project and in other proposed sites, shelving of FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft), supply of MMRCAs, poor performance and non-profitability of Russian major businesses in telecom and Oil & gas sector did frustrate the Russian leadership. At the same time India also continued to lament the lack of assured access to Russian energy and hydrocarbons since it got a profitable stake of 20% in Sakhalin in 2002.

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